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Summer Synapse<br>Underground Electronic Music & Art Party
Midwesthetic Presents:

Summer Synapse
Underground Electronic Music & Art Party

Featuring: Luxury Elite, VAPERROR, Fire-Toolz, Ahero, Vangoe, Yung Shiro, Sound Market, Simple Syrup, Lakewaves Trio, and Dunzo Donalds & Layers Thompson with visuals by WARM LIGHT & more
$15 ADV / $20 DOS
Ages 18+

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About This Event



Bags (max size 12″ x 6″ x 12″) are allowed and will be searched upon entry. Exceptions will be made for necessary medical equipment and bags for nursing mothers. We encourage you to pack light with only the necessities to make the entry process as smooth as possible.


We are a cashless facility meaning that we are unable to accept cash as a form of payment. Our Box Office and Coat Check will only accept credit and debit. Our Bars will only accept credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Please note that artist merchandise sales are separate and may still accept cash.


Like impulses through a nervous system, fans from across the nation will converge at this synaptic event to share and rejoice in a night of electronic ecstasy.

What to expect:
– An medley of live musical performances and delectable visuals
– Vendors specializing in rare and fascinating goods
– An assortment of freebies to liven the night
– A welcoming and diverse community of fellow party-goers
– An inflatable cow and aesthetic photobooth

This is a love letter to enthusiasts of elusive electronic subgenres and supporters of local artists.

18+, $15 adv / $20 door.
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Luxury Elite





Yung Shiro: https://linktr.ee/yungshiro

Sound Market

Simple Syrup

Lakewaves Trio

Dunzo Donalds & Layers Thompson

with visuals by WARM LIGHT feat. mingkurray

Shatterfoil Industries

Revenaut Cassette Corporation

Silk Sounds


Neon Pines Mall

Table Tray Studios

First Class Collective



LUXURY ELITE || Luxury Elite has released multiple albums and EPs, appeared in numerous magazines and webzines, and performed in multiple URL shows as well as 100% Electronicon. Lux was the founder of the digital label Fortune 500, which became a huge influence for many past and present vaporwave artists and labels. Lux also created the online radio show Neon Nights, using it as a platform to highlight to boost artists in the scene. After playing the biggest show of her life at last year’s 100% Electronicon event, she’s choosing to resurface for a moment in the Dairy State with some new music in tow. Be ready for a weird show!

VAPERROR || VAPERROR (Jeff Cardinal) is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer who made his first splash in the music scene with the classic “Mana Pool” record in 2014. Combining jazz and funk sensibilities with fun, upbeat synthesizers, drum machines and bass guitar, VAPERROR consistently delivers in a wide variety of styles.

FIRE-TOOLZ || Producer / composer / multi-instrumentalist Angel Marcloid records music under the moniker Fire-Toolz. Though Marcloid’s output emerges in many distinct aliases — from the jazz fusion / new age of Nonlocal Forecast to the vapor dreams of MindSpring Memories — the Fire-Toolz catalog remains the central focus of the prolific artist’s musical universe. Fire-Toolz has released five full-lengths on Chicago label Hausu Mountain, including 2021’s Eternal Home and 2023’s I am upset because I see something that is not there, along with an LP on Ohio label Orange Milk, and a wide array of self-released music. The project draws energy from the constant fluctuation between seemingly disparate styles, yet Marcloid pulls off the impossible feat again and again of making chaotic deviations and improbable jump-cuts between ideas sound natural. Bursts of harsh textural noise cut into drifts of new age synth bliss, while miniature screamo verses bookend passages of hyper-technical prog rock. Breakbeats collide with death metal-inspired drum programming into cybernetic spikes of intensity. At times, Marcloid offers us some form of pop music, carried in passages of clean vocals and bright synth tones. Though Fire-Toolz weaves together far-flung elements of Marcloid’s musical upbringing, the project never engages in outright nostalgia. These vocabularies are not relics of the past dusted off and presented as novelties. They’re living traditions that the artist works with in the present tense.

AHERO || Ahero is making breakbeat-infused vaporwave for past, future, and present.

V4NGOE || Originating in 2018 from the DC-Metroarea, V4NGOE is a multi-media project born from the mind of Vincent Vangoe. Hearkening back to the hypnagogic jungle sounds reminiscent of the early Y2K era, V4NGOE is blending tight drum tracks to DIY sample-based pop-infused instrumentals, pairing with authentic and emotional vocals. Inspired by the sounds of electronic projects ESPRIT, Satin Sheets, and NMESH, V4NGOE is painting lush audible landscapes for listeners across the globe.

YUNG SHIRO || Formerly a curator, promoter, and owner of a now defunct music review site, YUNG SHIRO has been mixing various genres of electronic music since 2017. The Steve Aoki of vaporwave, YUNG SHIRO also spins house, bass, and club music, specializing in dancefloor-ready bangers. One half of the Hot Takes podcast and longtime member of the Rosewood collective, YUNG SHIRO has performed at various dance parties like ElectroniCON, Terminally Chill, Vaporspace StL, and Virtual Memory.

SOUND MARKET || Sound Market, aka Paul Dixon, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ who has been making vaporwave, Drum and Bass, Trap, and House music out of St. Louis Missouri since 2015. Sound Market’s music is characterized by its highly syncopated, rich soundscapes and its use of samples from video games, cell phones and computer operating systems. Sound Market has released several albums, EPs and singles, and has toured in multiple states throughout the USA.

SIMPLE SYRUP || Creating blissfully ethereal sounds and visuals, Simple Syrup is the silky smooth solo project of Columbus, Ohio based artist Josh Chaney. Originating in early 2021 with their debut LP “Make Me Float” releasing on Business Casual, this new-age producer has made waves throughout the internet scene. Simple Syrup pulls inspiration from vaporwave, breakbeats, 90’s r&b, new jack swing, psychedelia, new age ambient music, and hip hop, and blends it all together into one euphoric sound palette. If you want to know what it feels like to fly through cotton candy clouds and blissfully experience the innocence of the 90’s, Simple Syrup has the sounds for you.

LAKEWAVES TRIO || Lakewaves Trio is a Madison-centric, groove-based outfit that crafts celestial originals with an eclectic, progressive, soundscape-y instrumentalism. The Impressionistic, Carter-administration melodicism of Marlowe’s compositions is something of a perfect match for the jazzy, exploratory low end of Mason Aumanstal (“Mamo”) and the breezy, old-school dynamism of Will Bailey’s drums and earthy percussion. With a refreshing blend of musicianship, humor and renty party mystique, their tracks are imagistic and crackle with psychedelia, which sometimes sets an irreverent, Dada-absurdist backdrop for the unusually enjoyable music.

DUNZO DONALDS & LAYERS THOMPSON || Madison producer Layers Thompson melds hip hop, soul, and ambient moods on his new collaboration with Kenosha MC Dunzo Donalds. Their new project is a manifestation of the hope, light, and power we can all find within ourselves.

High Noon Saloon 701 East Washington Avenue
Madison, 53703