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illuminati hotties

illuminati hotties

w/ Enumclaw and Guppy
$20 GA
Ages 18+

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Based on the latest local guidelines, attendees are no longer required to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test AND/OR vaccination for entry into this event. Other shows on our calendar may still have specific health and safety requirements based on artist request.  Be sure to check our venue website for the latest updates and guidelines as entry requirements are subject to change.


After years of uncertainty including label disputes, unpaid royalties and a surprise (and successful) album drop,And she is ready to make some noise.  Her new album Let Me Do One More is three years in the making and Tudzin’s most defiant and accomplished record to date. Let Me Do One More is out now via Snack Shack Tracks (in partnership with Hopeless Records.)

After the success of her debut album, Kiss Yr Frenemies, and coining the term “tenderpunk,” illuminati hotties were on their way to recording and releasing a highly-anticipated sophomore album. However, things at the label started to fall apart, and illuminati hotties found themselves stuck in a contract with a label who didn’t have the infrastructure to put out the album the band had been crafting for months. “It felt like any momentum came to a screeching halt. It felt painful to pick up a guitar, to write, to record any loose ends that needed to happen to wrap up the album,” Sarah recalls.

With the emotional turmoil and uncertainty building over the label situation, Tudzin turned her focus to a new batch of songs that would become FREE I.H. Funneling all the raw feelings and letting go of any inhibitions, illuminati hotties released the collection of songs, carefully not defined as the “new album.” The critically-acclaimed, fan favorite, release closed the chapter on the label drama, and opened up the band musically to a whole world of possibilities.

The positive response to FREE I.H. brought back the energy and intention that had seeped out after the label fallout, and Sarah dove straight into the new album, Let Me Do One More. According to Sarah, “The songs tell a story of my gremlin-ass running around LA, sneaking into pools at night, messing up and starting over, begging for attention for one second longer, and asking the audience to let me do one more.”

With the album shaping up, Sarah knew that she didn’t want to sign a traditional label deal anymore. After all the work to get herself back creatively, she wanted to maintain as much autonomy and creative control as possible. She started an imprint label, Snack Shack Tracks, and partnered with Los Angeles-based, independent label, Hopeless Records. Together, they’ve released Let Me Do One More to even more critical-acclaim from The New York Times, Pitchfork, Billboard, Rolling Stone, and American Songwriter to name a few.

While FREE I.H. felt like an experimental conduit for self-expression at breakneck speed, Let Me Do One More is the fully-realized creative vision of two years of ambition, heartache, uncertainty, redemption, and ultimately triumph. Sarah reflects, “I love these songs and they’re a part of me and I’m proud of them.”

This IS the one you’ve been waiting for.


Enumclaw is a rock band based in Tacoma, WA composed of brothers Aramis and Eli and friends Nathan and Ladaniel. The four met playing shows in the Seattle-Tacoma area and bonded over their mutual love for Drake, Nirvana, and 90’s R&B. Despite having never played guitar or have any singing experience, frontman Aramis has proclaimed that the band will be the biggest in the world. With critical acclaim from Pitchfork, Gorilla Vs Bear, Stereogum, KEXP, and others, Enumclaw is on their way. Their debut EP Jimbo Demo came out late April 2021 via Youth Riot Records.


GUPPY is the brainchild of four mostly-self-taught musicians (J Lebow, Marc Babcock, Ian Cohen, and Kabir Kumar), birthed in a sweltering Glendale garage circa 2017. Writer and guitarist/vocalist Lebow pairs laugh-out-loud absurdity with tender sentimentality, building upon bouncy, infectious rhythms by drummer Cohen and bassist Babcock, all creating GUPPY’s signature sound. Kumar is the newest member and provides lead guitar and backing vocals.

The band’s lush, sunny vocal harmonies led them to expand their musicality, moving beyond their garage punk origins into the realms of power pop, disco, country, and surf rock, as can be heard on their newest album Big Man Says Slappydoo! produced by LA tenderpunk hero Sarah Tudzin (Illuminati Hotties). Tudzin brings GUPPY to a new level sonically, building out whimsical bangers by weaving in sounds of theremin, autoharp, microwaves beeping, and band members belching. This all adds to the lush landscape of Power Pop, Surf, Rock, Country, and Indie that makes up the GUPPYverse. When asked what genre they play, the band responds candidly – Secular Guitar Music.

GUPPY has carved a deep niche for themselves in the LA punk scene with their energetic and joyous live shows, playing with the likes of Cheekface, Rosie Tucker and Sports Team. GUPPY is your friend, and GUPPY is the future. You don’t even need to keep your ear out for this band because they are actually right behind you. Haha got you.



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Madison, 53703