November 24, 2019
Soul Doctors // Rosemary Lowe // Bone Holler // Fore String
November 24, 2019
Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 PM
High Noon Saloon
$5 ADV // $5 DOS
Ages 18 and Up
Fore String
Juli Johnson and Travis Burleson met through a musician's facebook group. Over a discussion involving beer and their mutual love for music, they decided to turn punk songs into folk songs. Their bass and ukulele sound eventually merged with Brian Browne on drums. They "folkified" the popular punk songs of the 90s, and are currently creating originals of the same sound.  

Bone Holler
Bone Holler is like if Johnny Cash were made of several women, a kick drum, and spite.  

Rosemary Lowe
Bluesy, Jazzy, Pop-Rock music to live and die for.  Rosemary Lowe weaves together a melodic harmony of haunting disenchantment dripping with deep dark warm amber honey; glazed over horror and glory, catching flies and starting fires - songs to smolder to.  After all, a bitter bite makes the sugar sweeter on the tip of any tongue.  

Soul Doctors
The Soul Doctors offer a tonic of thoughtfully composed music that is sure to revitalize you. A concoction of blues, rock, folk, pop, country, jazz & soul is what you need! This vitalizing music will give you a new joy of living! Side effects may include heightened sense of vision, lucid dreams, increased awareness, feelings of appreciation, tingling of the arms & legs, spontaneous controlled movements and increased compassion. Enjoy at your own risk.