January 28, 2019
High Noon Saloon presents
White Bush Unicorn
Magic Conch, Krogan's Garage
January 28, 2019
Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 PM
High Noon Saloon
$5 ADV // $5 DOS
All Ages

White Bush Unicorn

Once upon a time a couple of Unicorns worked at a fast food joint together. They were bonded by their silly-freakness and shared creative mysticism. Soon they moved to a neighborhood that had a surplus of silly little creative freaks, and started working in a dusty thrift store. It was there that they met other mystics, and everyone was happy and creative and aesthetically pleasing and the Lord rested.

While the Lord naps, we're working on our debut full length album, "Some Pretty Songs Average" as we begin to morph into a fantastically glistening 7 piece live band. We're painting and drawing and mod podging and writing and dancing and making love and smiling a lot too, so keep an eye out! ♥ ♥ ♥  


Magic Conch

Magic Conch is a four-piece rock group formed in Madison in October of 2016. For those uninitiated, the Magic Conch Shell is the all-knowing sea shell of wisdom from SpongeBob Squarepants and the source of the band’s name. Much like the unpredictable response one may receive from the Magic-8-ball-esque shell, Magic Conch writes music ranging from aggressive, hard-hitting rock to mellow, soulful pieces. Much of this diversity stems from the unique musical tastes of each band member, all of whom are no strangers to the music scene. Lead guitarist Jack Peterson got his start in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, playing guitar for the last decade and gigging with various groups along his journey. Drummer Andrew Slade, while playing a myriad of instruments, has a passion for audio technology with degrees in Audio Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. Bassist and professional music educator Mark Ziegler incorporates his classical and jazz knowledge along with his barking funky tone to provide a backbone for the group to build upon. Singer Andy Gray has had a lifelong love affair with music with two solo albums to his name. By the power of the Conch Shell, these fine fellows teamed up on the backend of 2016 and have been making great headway with a full-length album scheduled to be released in November 2018. Somewhat unique to Magic Conch is the self-production of their music. Thanks to the drummer and audio engineer Andrew Slade, the Conch’s rehearsal space is transformed into a DIY recording studio to allow for efficient use of the band’s resources. In the timeless words of Spongebob Squarepants: all hail the Magic Conch! 


Krogan's Garage

Jacob, Art and Sam met at local open mics and have been jamming for the past few years. Recently they decided to form a band and named it Krogans Garage after brain storming outside of Fill’s Bar. Playing around the local bar circuit of wisconsin, Krogan's Garage find themselves well received with their classic rock covers and creative bluesy rock originals.