Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite

“T-Cellvengers Assemble!”, Defenestration: Stories of Openings and Objects, I Like Live Coding and You Should Too

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

8:00 pm


Nerd Nite
Nerd Nite
Nerd Nite is a monthly-ish informal gathering at which nerds get together for nerdery of all sorts (well, mostly presentations and drinking). Nerds and non-nerds alike gather to meet, drink and learn something new.

An institution in Boston, New York, Austin, Washington DC, Munich, San Francisco and now Philadelphia! It's like the Discovery Channel ... with beer!

Entry is free and open to all ages 21+
“T-Cellvengers Assemble!”
Summary: The immune system works non-stop and with perfect coordination to make sure that you don’t succumb to nasties from the outside or those within. Arguably, the one type of immune cell which directs traffic within the immune system is the T-cell. Without T-cell help, the cells of the immune system are greatly limited in what they can do to serve and protect you. Yet, not every T-cell is the same. Different T-cell subsets do different — sometimes even contradictory — things. Yet, to launch a successful immune response practically all these subsets need to work together. It’s almost like they are a superhero team…

Presenter Bio: Akshat is a gemini, ENFJ, chaotic neutral PhD student studying — wait for it — T-cell biology at UW-Madison. He is a strong believer in espresso, barbells, vaccines and common sense. His favourite affirmation is printed out and hung above his desk at work: “No boyfriends until graduation.” This is Akshat’s first Nerd Nite ever.
Defenestration: Stories of Openings and Objects
Summary: The unusual and often gruesome act of using windows as an exit. Examine our strange fascination with it historically, literarily and as a dramatic device in films.

Presenter bio: She speaks frequently, and fairly well, IHNSHO.
I Like Live Coding and You Should Too
Summary: Imagine a mashup between a rock band, a DJ, and a computer programmer. Do you have that image in your mind? Does it take the form of someone sitting at her computer typing out lines of arcane text while a house beat emanates from the speakers? Live coding music is a relatively new approach to music creation where a coder will create sonic soundscapes from their code in a live setting. Join him to learn more about how to make your computer break speakers and create the next dancefloor hit at an algorave near you!

Presenter bio: Scott is a lead developer and team lead for a local consulting company, Flexion. When he isn’t coding for food, he creates music with his code. He also likes to teach kids how to program and is convinced that live coding music is the way to get kids interested in coding. To find links to his music and to see what he’s up to, browse to
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High Noon Saloon
701A E. Washington Ave
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