The Gambol, Emerald Grove

High Noon Saloon Presents

The Gambol

Emerald Grove

Tuesday, August 29th 2017

8:30 pm



This event is 21 and over

The Gambol
The Gambol
It was in a back corner of a student union kitchen, pushing racks of grimy plates coated with dried Wisconsin cheese once draped over pizza through an industrial sized dish washer, that two UW-Madison students started talking music. This conversation led to a synthesis of violin rooted in classical traditions and folk guitar.

Word spread like wildfire through that student union kitchen and social networks. It did not take long for the three remaining members to infuse their musical roots of blues, pop, and rock into the sound. This quintet pulled from a multitude of musical backgrounds, aiming to create one thing - authentic, quality soundwaves. Thus, The Gambol was born.

After recording an EP, playing shows and gaining a following across Wisconsin, The Gambol connected with Ken Coomer, producer and former member of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo. A trip down to Coomer's Cartoon Moon Studios in Nashville, TN, spurred a new creative direction and culminated in the band's first full length album, self-titled The Gambol. The album is set for release in March 2017, with an album tour spanning the entire Midwest.

With the pronunciation of their name implying delinquency and risk, while the definition meaning joyful acts of revelry, The Gambol's brand of folk-rock makes you move your feet to life's queries and juxtapositions.
Emerald Grove
Emerald Grove
Natives of the Madison area, Kyle and Cory have been playing in various projects throughout the past decade. Their latest work with Emerald Grove, taking the form of an acoustic duo, draws influences from folk, americana, and rock backgrounds, to form a unique timbre, lavish with vocal harmonies. The addition of violin and vocals via Angela Dominguez has only strengthened the harmony and vitality of the music.

The style of the resulting music has been compared to that of Avett Brothers, Counting Crows, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Emerald Grove continually strives to create earnest compositions, capturing the essence of their music and message.
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High Noon Saloon
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