Droids Attack

Droids Attack

(House of Brews' Aztec Astronaut Double Red Ale Release Party), Cold Black River, House of Lud

Friday, May 19th 2017

9:30 pm

This event is 21 and over

Release party for the new Droids Attack! Aztec Astronaut Double Red Ale made by House of Brews

Droids Attack
Droids Attack
Madison impresario and retro arcade game fanatic Brad Van started Droids Attack back in 2000 and has been its driving force ever since. Obsessed with tone, great riffs and a cohesive vision, Van created the music that is Sci-Fi Or Die after being courted by an independent label on the heels of their 2011 release, Must Destroy. After a few tours and some amazing opportunities, Van was determined to continue the band's forward momentum into the next release, and began the writing process in earnest. In a little over a year's time, a body of work was amassed. It was 2013.

Sci-Fi Or Die was demoed shortly thereafter with the expertise of Jon Terrones (The Suit, The Book-Burners) at his Internet chat room-famous basement studio, Chez Woo. As fate would have it, this would be Droid’s last session with beloved long time bassist Nate Bush (Bongzilla, The Garza). Not to be deterred, the band acquired their old friend, Dennis Ponozzo (Below The Sound, Sinking Suns) to fill in, and the bass tracks were re-demoed with great success. However, after a short national tour, and a slew of regional shows Dennis could no longer make time for Droids, and the search for a replacement was on once again. Van, at a crossroads, needed someone solid to handle bass duties, so he set his sights on another good friend. Local legend, Darwin Sampson, owner of one of Madison's most well known and much respected music venues, The Frequency.

Mark Whitcomb (Things Fall Apart, Last Crack) was chosen to engineer and record Sci-Fi Or Die, and in February of 2014 Droids Attack laid down the majority of the disc's foundation at DNA Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. Immediately following the sessions, the guitars were re-recorded, vocals done and redone, heaping layers of percussion, keyboards, and obligatory sax solos added. Songs were mixed, new studio gear was purchased, and new sonic avenues were discovered. Songs were re-evaluated and more guitars were re-recorded before being remixed. It was all scrutinized down to the last note before being sent off to Masterdisk to be mastered by Roger Lian (Slayer, Pantera), who mastered and remastered it a couple of times before everything... felt... right.

Brad Van's uncompromising vision has borne a rich landscape of titanic riffs and an apocalyptic alien landscape. At long last, the CD is no longer science fiction.
(House of Brews' Aztec Astronaut Double Red Ale Release Party)
Cold Black River
Cold Black River
Fresh from the release of their latest recordings “Shotgun” and “Voices”, available for free download on their website www.coldblackriver.com, CBR have been working the region. “Pushing the sound is important. You've got to let people know you're out there, you're excited about performing, and you want to do your best to give them a great show.” said CBR's lead vocalist and bassist in a recent interview.

Cold Black River was formed in 2013 by former sons of Helliphant (www.helliphant.com) Jeremy Roseland (guitar/vocals) and Eric Cobb (bass/lead vocals). After penning tunes for several months and collaborating with a shortlist of talented drummers, CBR finally settled on southern Wisconsin native Aaron Kanitz to complete the powerful three piece.

Boasting influences from Alice in Chains and Kyuss to Sabbath and Tom Waits, this trio know how to command the stage. “Nothing sounds better than when you've finish a song and some guy in the back yells “F**k Yeah!” above everyone else. Then you know you've done your job.” Eric recalls.
CBR submerge the audience in a mix of heavy riffs, well crafted hooks and dynamic vocals. From the fast paced rocker “Shotgun” to the blues influenced super heavy waltz (did I just say super heavy waltz?) of “Voices”, CBR don't mind culling sounds from all over the sonic map.

Cold Black River will soon be releasing a music video, shot from the perspective of their instruments, for “Shotgun” along with two more songs for free download titled “Old West Undertaker” and “Hollow Man” all direct from their website www.coldblackriver.com.
House of Lud
House of Lud
House of Lud started as a recording project for Troy Peterson (Kleptix, Xenocom, Daggermouth) but after having modest success with the album of the same name, Peterson had to take House of Lud out of the basement. He recruited Justin Taylor (Awesome Car Funmaker) and Chris Norris (Xenocom) to help make this studio project a live act. Not one for subtlety or nuance, House of Lud is to intricate songcraft what a heavyweight boxer is to classical piano. The men of Lud are off to work, and the only tool in their bucket is a hammer. Crushing riffs repeat, working their way into your psyche. Somehow through all of the blunt riffery and towering amps, the songs manage to find hooks, The tones mangled and raw, but pleasing. The music is felt more than heard. House of Lud is pleasant like a storm, like a natural disaster.
Venue Information:
High Noon Saloon
701A E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI, 53703