Wurst Times Festival VII

Wurst Times Festival VII

Squarewave, Dash Hounds, Rob Dz, Michael Massey and the Fuss, Madtown Getdown, Distant Cuzins, Laundry, Corey Mathew Hart

Saturday, May 27th 2017

11:00 am

High Noon Saloon / MAMA Stage
• 11:15am : Corey Hart from Lost Lakes
• 12:15pm : Laundry
• 1:15pm : Distant Cuzins
• 2:15pm : Madtown Getdown
• 3:15pm : Michael Massey and the Fuss
• 4:15pm : Rob Dz
• 5:15pm : Dash Hounds
• 6:15pm : Squarewave

Parking Lot Stage
• 11am : It's Your Move, Cowboy
• 12pm : Los Meskales
• 1pm : Imaginary Watermelon
• 2pm : The Getaway Drivers
• 3pm : AMJF
• 4pm : Phil Gnarly & The Tough Guys
• 5pm : Bird's Eye
• 6pm : Oh My Love

+ More inside Brass Ring!

Wurst Times Festival VII
Wurst Times Festival VII
Wurst Times Festival is now in its seventh year. The humble alternative celebration has developed into a major showcase for local bands while serving up locally-sourced brats, beer and other sundries.

The event uses the complete grounds of the 701 East Washington, save the Brink Lounge where there is always a wedding party on Saturdays. The patio is where the food and beer are served with plenty of table space. The Brass Ring serves up the menu, grills the brats and hosts a singer-songwriter stage. Outdoors, there is a huge, raised and covered stage thanks to Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, one of the charity event’s recipients including the non-perishable food items brought in at the gate.

High Noon Saloon has had truly remarkable lineups over the years and this year is no exception. The Madison Area Music Association hosts this stage and is another recipient.

A third recipient has been added this year: Frets for Vets.
Squarewave's Jeff Jagielo once led a great underground band from Madison, Wisconsin called Ivory Library who made solemn and gorgeous rock music perfectly suited for the long Upper Midwestern winter. They released a couple of stellar records on tiny labels during the '90s while flirting with bigger indies but never got to make the big jump and disbanded in the late '90s. Last year, Jagielo and Pat Connaughty (who was in one of the later Ivory Library lineups) re-emerged as Squarewave and released Dullhead. With the addition of Brandon Smith as full-time drummer and a batch of excellent songs, A Faint Glow surpasses Dullhead, which is not to discount the quality of that record at all; this new one is just that good. Jagielo has always managed to work effectively in melancholy mid-tempo rock, which is dangerous territory for a lot of musicians. He sings in a hushed, fragile voice that is plaintive without being mopey, and even on the longer and more adventuresome songs, he still has a keen ability to find a good hook in the form of a chorus or guitar riff. Connaughty's songs serve as the perfect counter-weight for Jagielo's. They are equally as melodic and aching but different in approach as well as voice. And like the cover of Chris Bell's "I Am the Cosmos" on Dullhead, this time they deliver another splendid version of another band's song in their version of Love Spit Love's "Half A Life." Who knows how much Boat Records can push Squarewave, but there is a receptive audience out there waiting to welcome a record as good as A Faint Glow. - Andy Smith (Pop Culture Press)
Dash Hounds
Dash Hounds
Dash Hounds is a melodic guitar pop 4 piece out of Madison, WI, formed in the winter of 2015. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Alivia Kleinfeldt and guitarist Brendan Manley, the duo and former rhythm section of Modern Mod wrote and released their first single for a friend's independent film, and decided to go on as Dash Hounds with drummer Tom Teslik and bassist Sam Galligan. Inspired by bands and artists like Sharon Van Etten, Deerhunter, and the National, their spacey guitars and somber vocals create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. Dash Hounds' 5 song debut EP is set for release in late summer 2016.
Distant Cuzins
Distant Cuzins
The Distant Cuzins plays rock in its many different forms. We explore classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s, on through to today to create a high-energy trip through some of the best music ever made. Our focus is Rock 101 - screaming guitars, pounding drums, and high-energy vocals....Dub-step and synth music need not apply.

A typical Distant Cuzins show covers everything from the Clash to White Stripes to Queen...with a little reimagined Van Morrison just for fun.
Corey Mathew Hart
Corey Mathew Hart
From the time Corey Mathew Hart started singing at a young age, his voice has amazed audiences. “The human voice is such wonderfully complex instrument. So often, words can fail to portray the whole meaning or idea you are trying to get across, but in song you can convey more emotion and add more depth and dimension to the written word,” says Hart. And he does just that with a voice that has helped him win Madison, WI Songwriter of the Year in 2007 and garner comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Ray LaMontagne. In recent years, Hart has continued to wow audiences across the country with his amazing vocal range and unique styling, sharing the stage with Dawes, The Duhks, Shawn Mullins, and Langhorne Slim. His performances possess a cathartic intensity that entrances audiences and draw them inside the music.

In his late teens, Hart enrolled in the Berklee School of Music but quickly found himself restless and left after only a brief stay. Since leaving Berklee, Hart has forged a trail that has wound and meandered from the Midwest through the Blue Ridge Mountains and back to the Great Lakes, all the while building his unique sound. Drawing on his experiences, Hart’s songs create pictures and tell stories that are vivid and soulful, evocative and heart wrenching.

Throughout this journey Hart found himself in the studio on a number of occasions, resulting in two albums. His first EP, Words Like Wildfire, was recorded in 2007 at Smart Studios with Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Sparklehorse). While in North Carolina in 2009, Hart worked on a project with guitarist Danny Johnson, recording Wooden Houses a full-length album. It was through these projects that Hart started to feel his way into his most recent record, “Winter Bones.”

Recorded in only two days at Smart Studios (Nirvana Nevermind, Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream) and just weeks before the birth of his first child, Hart’s new Winter Bones EP is his finest collection of songs to date. Being one of the last sessions completed before Smart Studios closed its doors for good, there was a great sense of reverence in the air as Hart cut most of the record live in one long session on Halloween day. There was a lot of energy in the room that day, and the performances truly showcase Hart’s range as a vocalist. The songs run the gamut of sound from soulful delivery (“Shoot Me Up”) to falsetto (“Winter Bones”) and easily traverse the genres of pop (“Extinguish”), folk (“Blue Mountain Thistle”), and one downright barn burner (“Paper Fins”). This eclectic mix invites you to listen to it time and time again.

"Nobody in town sings like this…" - Kevin Lynch (The Capitol Times)

"...starkly authentic and full of promise." - Rich Albertoni (The Isthmus)

2007 Madison Songwriter if the Year (awarded by Madison Songwriters Group)

2007 Midwest Song Contest – Honorable Mention
Venue Information:
High Noon Saloon
701A E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI, 53703