Dub Foundation, Fringe Character, Fivy

Dub Foundation

Fringe Character


Thursday, March 23rd 2017

9:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

Dub Foundation
Dub Foundation
Dub Foundation was started by Captain Smooth and Beris TakI in a secret underground music lair in early 2014. After planning how to save the world from tyranny and oppression, it was decided the best way to spread love would be through the positive vibrations of a roots/dub reggae band. All that was needed was a loyal legion of the finest musical superheroes.
• CS and BT knew that this driving force needed a very strong riddim section to hold down the irie grooves. Right then and there BT heard thunder and lightning in the distance. A tone so low and vibrantly silky, followed by a striking slash, carried thru the walls of their lair and he knew this was the next link in the chain. Enter: K-Dub and Raza.

They knew that the four of them alone could not take on the evil foes they would face in the near future and that they needed more help to complete the mission. CS rattled the soundwaves with his Dub Siren, calling out to all his friends to join him in the depths. Moments later Slingshot, Rock, K-Fiyah and Draggin' came blazing out of the dark, lighting up the sky. They carried with them a heartbeat so large that it could be heard for miles, but not so big that it couldn't fit tightly in the pocket. The group was beginning to grow stronger and the seven of them were almost ready to take on the wicked, but they needed the final piece. A piece so large it could not be filled by one. Thats where the blazing and powerful horn lines of The four Disciples came to save the day. Consisting of Blaze, Masta Shredda, Grand Wiz and The Root.

The Heroes were dubbed and ready to fight. Armed with their melodic weapons they entered the murder van and drove off to save those in need.

Dub Foundation will heal and energize the soul and battle foe with the weapon of music. Run IT!
Fringe Character
Fringe Character
Fringe Character is: nuelectrosoulhop music; an expanding nebula of like-minded
creators; all original music that combines the moving parts of soul, hip hop, dub,
jazz, and electronica.
Let good things influence you.

After years of globetrotting and mind expansion, musician and producer,
Benjamin Sholl, aka “Turrnt Vonnegut”, returned to his native home, Madison. A
musician from a young age, Benjamin cut his teeth in production while attending
school in the coastal crossroads of Byron Bay, Australia. The musical identity of
Fringe Character was born there, mixing and mingling with a diverse crowd of
musicians, performers, and travelers.

A self-titled demo was released in 2011, establishing Fringe Character as a
producer with potential, even being called “..the next Bonobo…” by ParisDJ’s

In early 2013, the e.p. Some Thing, Some Thought was released, which defined
the nuelectrosoulhop sound of Fringe Character. The collaboration had
expanded to include global bass voice MC ZULU, emcees Daewong and Dudu
Stinks, and even working with members of The Budos Band and Antibalas.

To this point, Fringe Character was a studio only sound. This changed when
Turrnt Vonnegut assembled a 10 piece live band. In a short time, Fringe
Character became known for their energetic performances of unique songs,
opening for national/touring acts in Madison as well as playing select festivals

On April 26th, 2016, Fringe Character released Mint, a full-length embodiment of
nuelectrosoulhop, a distilled nugget of passion. Fresh and alive, Mint features a
collection of texturally diverse soundscapes as colorful as they are human.
Emcees Dudu Stinks, Daewong, and Pop Cult reveal new dimensions of
masterful delivery among the blazing horn lines, sticky drums, retro guitars, and
electronic lo-fi textures. Painting their own vivid pictures and saturating tonal
vistas, new Fringe Character collaborators GregB (of 2morrow’s Victory), Red
Leonard, and Meghan Rose complete the emcees’ lyrical offerings which color
Mint’s mood. Like a yacht setting sail, Brazilian drum ensemble, Metabaque,
remind us not to be dismayed by goodbyes as a farewell is needed in order to
meet again.

Mint was the #1 hip-hop add on CMJ and remained on the CMJ hip-hop radio
chart for over 10 weeks.
Spreading waves of light & love to empower, influence, and heal the self & others.
Venue Information:
High Noon Saloon
701A E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI, 53703