January 20, 2020
FRESH VISION 20/20 A Celebration of MLK's I Have A Dream
January 20, 2020
Doors: 3:30 pm / Show: 4:00 PM
High Noon Saloon
$10 ADV // $10 DOS
All Ages
In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his iconic speech, “I Have a Dream”, at the March for Jobs and Freedom.  He called for an end to racism, and demanded civil and economic rights for all. Almost sixty years later; our city of Madison, Wisconsin, is mired in controversial segregationist practices, economic inequalities, an underrepresented working class, and an archaic governing body of the people, but not for the people.

The 2020 Presidential, and other elections, have made the State of Wisconsin (and the City of Madison) the focal point of our nation’s future.  It is time we listen to the voices of tomorrow’s leadership, and those who bring vibrancy and a true culture of community to our city.  It is time for a Fresh Vision.

We invite all to come and celebrate the voices and visions of tomorrow’s leaders, creators, and innovators.  We are featuring several youth performers, artists, and speakers; giving them a space and a community to share their take on MLK Jr’s. Dream.

Like MLK Jr., there are those who have helped paved the way for these leaders of tomorrow, and continue their efforts in our city to bring about civil and economic change.  Join us as we hear from those who continue to lead in the areas of education, human rights, environmental issues, workers’ rights, and economic equality.

No celebration would be complete without music, and Madison has a lot to offer. The evening music line-up beginning at 6 pm; is an eclectic one, with performers from a myriad of our local communities.  
“Fresh Visions” 3-5 mins. Each presented by Community leaders including:
MMSD Principal 
LGBTQ+ Community leader 
MMSD Students 
Crowe Collective Founder 
Executive From Exact Sciences 
Community Representative  
Featured Youth Artists on Display:
Ava Rowe - Artist
Sultan Sinbad Jalal - Photographer

Artist/Vendors on Display:
Mariah - Artist
ReCurated - Vendor
Pranavsood - MMOCA Artist
Featured Youth Performers:
AriMadelyn - Dancer
Live performances from local youth to include: 
Local Middle school choir 
Dance ensemble and solo
2 spoken HS spoken word performers  
Live music line-up: 
Dana Perry
Shotgun Mary 
MOSH Squad 
Kent Genis 
Panchromatic Steel & dancers 
Phil Pharoah