The Getaway Drivers, Greg Thornburg

The Getaway Drivers

Greg Thornburg

Saturday, April 26th 2014

4:30 pm

This event is 21 and over

The Getaway Drivers
The Getaway Drivers
The Getaway Drivers radiate edgy, melodious, alt-rock energy from the infamously progressive heartland outpost of Madison, Wisconsin.

In less capable hands, their aggressive embrace of styles and moods might have proven bewildering. The Getaway Drivers carve such a deep musical signature, however, that it all works. Gritty western blues, lush pop ballads, driving progressive rock, sweet-tea country nostalgia and even an oddly majestic instrumental somehow find common ground in the silky, dark acoustic guitar framework; the pairing of cracked-leather and mercury smooth vocals; a personalized cello style fusing orchestral grandeur with possessed, beautifully-fractured harmonics; bluesy, growling electric guitar, spooky-sweet touches of mandolin, lap steel, and fiddle, and a relentlessly solid rhythm section.

"...well beyond the standard heartland-rock sound..."
—Scott Gordon, Madison City Editor, The Onion.

"...The Getaway Drivers are clearly onto something...they could find themselves making inroads into a much larger market...
—Tom Laskin, Isthmus

"...eclectic, beautiful...they rock. Period''
—Lee Rayburn, WXXM, Madison, WI.
Greg Thornburg
Greg Thornburg
While the guitar was his first instrument, Greg Thornburg has spent most of his adult life as a drummer and percussionist. Those earliest influences never left him, however, and with the 2013 release of his new solo fingerstyle guitar CD "Kaleidoscope", he's rededicated himself to his original muse.

Greg's affinity for rhythms, bass lines, and distinctive harmonies is well represented in fingerstyle playing. He greatly admires players such as Andy McKee, Antione Dufour, Leo Kottke, and Wisconsin's own Willy Porter for their innovative approach to guitar playing. His performance features mostly original material, with a few arrangements mixed in. No longer shielded by drums, a soloist's stage is a fresh perspective, and a new way to connect with and entertain an audience.
Venue Information:
High Noon Saloon
701A E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI, 53703